Forming the core of most commercial networks, the performance and reliability of the servers is fundamental in providing an efficient solution.
When evaluating existing systems and proposing new hardware we endeavour to specify failover protection where possible by utilising RAID disk systems and redundant power supplies.
We have found that deploying well specified servers at the outset offers significant benefits as the cost of upgrading older equipment tends to be relatively expensive.
From experience we recommend using the Microsoft Windows  SBS 2012 server operating systems as they offers reliable, well supported platforms that are compatible most proprietary applications. These platforms incorporate Active Directory which streamlines network administration and features Terminal Services for remote administration.
Microsoft Small Business Server offers a cost effective solution for organisations with up to 75 users that wish to deploy Windows Server 2012, Exchange Server (e-mail/collaboration tools) and SQL Server (for database applications).
HCS offers the expertise to deploy single or multi-server environments to host the e-mail, file, print, web and database services that your organisation may require.
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